Chancel Choir

Chancel Choir meets on Thursday evenings 7:30-9:30 pm in the sanctuary, under the direction of Emily Floyd. This group involves singers with varying levels of experience (some with little music background and some with extensive music experience). The Chancel Choir leads 11:00 am worship every Sunday. Several times a year, the choir sings a large work with an orchestra. In the past, this choir has sung Mass for the Children by John Rutter, Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi, Messiah by G. F. Handel, Requiem by Johannes Brahms, just to name a few. The choir sings in a variety of styles of music from baroque to bluegrass, classical to gospel, and hymn-arrangements to jazz. Parties and retreats are an important part of our experience together as we grow as a community of faith.

Moments from the 2016 Sounds of Christmas Concert