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“Healthy Conversations with Teens about Technology”
with Susan Morley, ECE, CARES, CPS-AD
Sunday, April 16 (6:00 pm to 7:30 pm)

Parent Coach Susan Morley is leading a workshop called “Healthy Conversations with Teens about Technology” to share practical tools on how to navigate the world of technology as a family. Cost is $10 per person and includes dinner.

About Susan Morley

Susan Morley is a Certified Elementary Educator and Parenting Coach with over 10 years experience helping moms end constant power struggles with their children, get on the same page as their parenting partners, and start having more fun with their families.

As a mom of two young adult women, one of whom was “spirited” from the moment she took her first breath, Susan created a Six Step system to help parents of spirited children set healthy limits and boundaries so they can feel confident that they are raising successful and happy adults.

It is Susan’s passion to help create new, deeper connections as they create a family legacy of love and success for generations to come.

When not on Zoom or on the phone with clients, Susan enjoys her new phase of parenting, “empty nester” and can be found on tennis courts around Atlanta or spending time with her husband Dean in the North Georgia mountains.