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Mindful Silence: A Half-day Silent Meditation Retreat

An invitation to engage deeply with life as a new year unfolds…Attending and Befriending Silence is not a decision to withdraw, rather it’s a choice to support meaningful engagement by lingering in awareness.

  • Date/Time: Saturday, January 28, 9:30 am – 2 pm ET
  • Location: Shallowford Presbyterian Church, 2375 Shallowford Road, NE Atlanta, GA

Expand your experience of mindfulness and discover the benefits of a meditation retreat:

  • Quiet the noise, open to your inner landscape, and connect with inner resources for renewal and resilience
  • Open to beauty and wonder
  • Gain new perspectives and deepen compassion, care, and connectedness

This offering is TUTION FREE, donations optional.

We live in such a fast-paced, DO, DO, DO, GO, GO, GO culture, yet we’re hungry for more stillness and space…a slower pace to recalibrate and allow peace and wisdom to emerge.

Together, let’s discover anew the blessings that come from attending and befriending silence. The practice of silence is about abiding at the center of our being as we discover an inner sanctuary for calming the mind, relaxing the body, and inviting the soul to show up and grow.

Silence illuminates a loving awareness, shining a healing light on life-sapping habits of mind that often go unnoticed. When silent, we listen more deeply. How appropriate that the words “silent” and “listen” contain the same letters. When we’re silent, we’re naturally able to be more present. From that place of presence, we connect more genuinely with one another and the world around us. From here, compassion and care emerge and grow.

Shallowford Family Counseling Center