Child Protection

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Training

Darkness to LightComplete a two-hour child sexual abuse awareness training prepared by Darkness to Light. This evidence-informed training influences community behavior change. Once trained in Stewards of Children®, adults will take action to protect the children in their lives. All volunteers and parents are encouraged to attend a training, which will complete Shallowford Presbyterian’s Volunteer Sexual Awareness Training requirement of the Child Protection Policy. This in-person training will be facilitated by Shallowford’s Director of Children’s Ministries Margaret Evans.

For more information, contact Margaret Evans.

Training Dates

To learn more about this, visit the Darkness to Light Website.  Registration is required. All training will be held at Shallowford Presbyterian Church in Room 301 , Education Building.

Child Protection Policy

Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth
Alleged Abuse Report Form

Child/Youth Parental Consent Form

Child/Youth Parental Consent Form