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This experiential “inner workshop” will be on Tuesday, May 4, 11:30 am – 1:15 pm ET, via Zoom

Join Robby & Kay as we set aside time for self-discovery and reflection, bringing awareness to what clouds our minds, blocking our opening to the great fullness of life. Together we’ll explore practices for renewing the mind, allowing us to kindly and gently release what’s no longer needed, bringing light and life to what’s true, beautiful, and good.

The notion of “cleaning” or hygiene for the mind, is about seeing and nurturing what is life-giving, even as we recognize and allow what’s life-sapping in order to “clean the window” of our minds, letting go of what’s clouding our view of truth, beauty, and goodness!

*Registration Tip: Please choose the ticketing level that feels right for you.  We never want tuition to be a barrier to participation AND any amount you choose will support and sustain SFCC’s educational offerings and free resources. Thank you!

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