Shallowford Presbyterian Church joyfully invests thousands of volunteer hours and over $100,000 in mission annually. We are blessed to have two sources for financial support of missions, and we welcome your applications and fresh ideas for service.

Haiti Mission Group

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. -Matthew 6: 19-21

The Annual Mission Committee Budget

The Annual Mission Committee Budget supports the work of 12 diverse Mission partners. The Mission Committee places a high value partnering with relational, responsive, responsible organizations.

The Mission Forward Fund

The Mission Forward Fund was established through the generosity of the Mission Tithe from the 2014 “Rooted in Faith Forward in Hope” Capital Campaign and the Support & Endowment Committee’s “Special Ministries” and “Mission and Benevolence” Funds. The Mission Forward Fund will support special opportunities for Shallowford Presbyterian Church to participate in God’s mission. Opportunities may include supporting Shallowford’s participation in mission, the program cost of a mission project, or the capital cost of a mission project. Projects are considered time-limited, with a specific, tangible outcome that moves the mission of an organization forward.

Mission Forward Fund applications should be submitted to Catherine Foster at [email protected], Associate Pastor for Mission. The 2019 Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis after January 1, 2019, but no later than September 1, 2019, for 2019 funding.