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Through Realm, Shallowford’s online member directory, our church community is able to connect with, and share what’s going on at Shallowford at any time. Need to Set up an Account? Send an email to [email protected], or call the church office (404-321-1822) to speak with a staff member over the phone.

Members may also choose to download a PDF copy of the church directory. This document is password protected and only available for Shallowford members. If you would like access, please email [email protected].

Flower Dedications

Our dedicated and talented flower guild creates beautiful arrangements each week in the sanctuary and around the facility. Honor a loved one by signing up to sponsor an arrangement for Sunday worship. Your $80 donation will go to the flower guild. If you prefer to order over the phone, please call the church office.

The Floral Guild will receive donations when we are able to safely return for in-person worship.

Meals for Members

Take Them A Meal LogoWhether someone is welcoming a new child or is in need of our assistance during a difficult time, the Shallowford congregation is always willing to give to those in need. To future notifications, please contact Lyn Bishop.

The following member(s) are in need of meal assistance:

Prayers Requests

Each week, Shallowford members pray for one another, as well as for friends of the church. Whether you need prayers for healing, are grieving the loss of a loved one, or are celebrating new life, you can count on the Shallowford congregation to keep you in its thoughts and prayers. To submit a prayer request, please call the church office (404-321-1844).


What Does It Mean to Serve on Session?
The Session is the governing board of each individual Presbyterian church. Here at Shallowford, our Session consists of 25 elders (or leaders) to govern the 12 active committees that make up Shallowford Presbyterian Church (committees listed below). To become an elder, you commit to serve a three-year term on Shallowford’s Session. At Shallowford, elders come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. The word elder has nothing to do with a person’s age. Session includes a balance of women and men whose ages range widely from 17 to 78, including a youth elder who serves a one-year term.

March 2021 Session Highlights

  • Approved minutes from Stated Session Meeting, February 14, 2021.
  • Approve February 2021 New Membership Report indicating 1001 Active Members.
  • The February 2021 financial results reflected operating income of $118,605, which was $25,733 under budget, and operating expense of $127,652, which was $12,983 under budget. Net loss for the month, including Special Offerings, was $6,772, which was $10,475 under budget. Available cash at the end of February was $331,058.
  • On behalf of the Shallowford COVID-19 Task Force member Mike Cannon reviewed key metrics to inform thoughts around the reopening of the campus.
  • Holy Week offerings include:
    • Palm Sunday – 11 a.m. Drive-In Worship (livestream to Facebook & shallowford.org)
    • Holy Monday – 12 p.m. Prayer & Devotional on Zoom
    • Holy Tuesday – 12 p.m. Prayer & Devotional on Zoom
    • Holy Wednesday – 4-6 p.m. Drive-Through Prayer Opportunity
    • Maundy Thursday in-person & online zoom services
    • Good Friday – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Journey with Jesus Experience (Outdoors); 7:00 p.m. virtual service on Facebook and shallowford.org
  • Easter Sunday Services (April 4, 2021) will take place at the following times:
    • 7 a.m. Sunrise Service on the Ballfield (RSVP)
    • 8:45 a.m. Virtual Service (available on Facebook & shallowford.org)
    • 11 a.m. Drive-In Worship with Flower Cross Opportunity
  • Approved Session Action Forms (SAFs) include:
    • Outdoor Worship for up to 50 Households (beginning with Easter Sunday)
    • Outdoor Gatherings of 25 people (following all CDC recommended guidelines)
    • Groups of up to 25 people to eat together at outdoor gatherings (following all Session guidelines)
    • Indoor Gatherings of up to 25 people (following all CDC recommended guidelines)
  • The 2021 Confirmation Class consists of 8 students. Confirmation Sunday will be held on April 18, 2021.

General Business

Approved minutes from Stated Session Meeting, January 20, 2021

Approve January 2021 New Membership Report indicating 1005 Active Members

Ministry Spotlight – Congregational Care

Rev. Laura Jernigan provided an update on the Congregational Care ministry of Shallowford.  Laura described her role of Pastoral Care for the congregation in assisting the Senior pastor with pastoral care of congregation members, through phone calls, visits (when possible) and assigning care needs to other pastors as needed.  Laura works hand-in-hand with the Congregational Care Committee whose mission is to share God’s love with our congregation and community through ministries of care, compassion, support and cultivation of relationship.  Here are eight different components of the committee’s ministry:

  1. Support Groups – Two support groups exist within the ministry:
    1. Alzheimer’s Support Group for caregivers and loved ones of anyone with any form of dementia.
    2. Grief Support Group (GriefShare) provides (2) 13 week sessions annually with curriculum, video and discussion.
  2. Bereavement Committee – Provide comfort to families after memorial services, and follow up with families on the first anniversary of a loved one’s death.
  3. Care Ministers – Build friendships with homebound members or those with special needs.
  4. Communion at Home – Share sacrament of Lord’s Supper with our homebound members using the concept of “the farthest pew.”
  5. Prayer Shawl Ministry – Pray, craft and give shawls to members who are sick, grieving or suffering a crisis. Shawls are given in person or mailed as requested by pastors or members.
  6. Take Them a Meal – Provide and deliver meals for families with new babies and those who are sick, recovering from surgery, or have other needs.
  7. Prayer Network –Pray for every member of the congregation on a regular basis with a letter sent directly to each member.
  8. Road Runners / Senior Adult Fellowship – The purpose of this group is to provide opportunities for fun, fellowship and friendship through trips outings and other gatherings within our senior adult community.

There are between 20 and 40 church members who regularly participate in each of these committees.

Financial Report

The January 2021 financial results reflect operating income of $200,953, which was $25,585 over budget, and operating expense of $116,008, which was $38,877 under budget. Net gain for the month was $89,946, which was $69,463 over budget. Available cash at the end of January was $337,650.


COVID-19 Task Force Report

While the number of Covid cases remains high, the metrics have been improving since the spikes seen in January.  The Task Force will continue to monitor the CDC recommendations and will update the congregation on new initiatives as warranted.


Worship Update:  Lent, Holy Week and Easter plans

There will be numerous opportunities for worship and connection during the Lenten Season.

  • Drive-in Sunday services, live streamed services, special services for Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter
  • Virtual Opportunities – Learning Forgiveness (Weekly Bible Study), Listen in Lent (Weekly Music Sharing), Loving Kindness: Anti-Racism Training (Weekly Training)
  • We have invited the whole congregation to join in folding origami cranes which create an art installation in our Sanctuary for Easter

Approved Session Action Forms (SAFs)

  • Approve 2020 Annual Statistical Report
  • Call Congregational Meeting for April 18, 2021 for purpose of electing Elders and Representative Nominating Committee
  • Establish a Steering Committee to explore a Sustainable Internship Program at Shallowford

General Business

Approved minutes from the Called Session Meeting to receive new members, December 13, 2020

Approved minutes from Stated Session Meeting, December 16, 2020

Elect Commissioners to the Stated Presbytery Meeting, February 20, 2021

Approve December New Membership Report indicating 1007 Active Members

Ministry Spotlight – Mission

Shallowford supports (10) mission partners through an annual application process within areas of Food, Shelter, Education and Young People, and Spiritual and Physical Wholeness

  • Food – Shallowford Food Pantry and NETWorks Food Pantry
  • Shelter – Habitat for Humanity, NETWorks and Decatur Cooperative Ministries
  • Education and Young People – La Amistad, LaGonave Haiti Partners and Thornwell
  • Spiritual and Physical Wholeness – Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Shalom International Ministry and Memorial Drive Ministries

Catherine described the Mission Forward Fund.  Since its inception in 2016, the Mission Forward Fund has awarded $123,680 in grants.  Catherine indicated that the special offerings for Mission for 2020 were $74,342 from the Pentecost offering, Thornwell, Alternative Giving and Shallowford Alternative Giving Match. Across all Mission programs, Shallowford gave $185,621 in 2020.

Financial Report

The December 2020 financial results reflected operating income of $163,567, which was $7,025 under budget, and operating expense of $359,254, which was $170,249 over budget (includes $150,000 of approved year end cash expenditures). Net loss for the month, including Special Offerings, was $199,565, which was $181,152 over budget. Available cash at the end of November was $268,010.

Year end results, including Special Offerings, reflected operating income of $2,095,966 which was $233,966 over budget, and operating expense of $1,862,403, which was $403 over budget.  Year-end net income was $178,927 (PPP loan was $204,376).

Personnel Report

Reviewed the Installed Pastors’ Terms of Call which will be presented to the congregation for vote during a Virtual Congregational Meeting on February 21, 2021.

COVID-19 Task Force Report

Reviewed some key metrics that the task force monitors to inform decisions around Shallowford activities.  Pay attention to the following key points:

  • Become a vaccine champion
  • Continue to practice protective measures before and after vaccination
  • Work together to protect the most vulnerable in our congregation and community

Approved Session Action Forms (SAFs)

  • Communion Schedule for the Calendar Year 2021
  • Call Annual Congregational Meeting for February 21, 2021
  • Renewal of Contract for Rev. Laura Jernigan, Parish Associate for Congregational Care
  • Renewal of Contract for Rev. Landon Dillard, Contract Associate for Children’s Ministry
  • Offer Anti-Racism Training as education option during Lent
  • Allow 25 people for outdoor-only funerals and graveside services
  • Establish an Internship Program at Shallowford (first review) – will be voted on in February
  • Pay it Forward – option for members who are in the position and wish to donate stimulus monies to SPC members and/or mission partners

Approved the minutes from the Stated Session Meeting, December 16, 2020.

Approved the November 2020 membership report, totaling 1003 active members.

Approved rescheduling Communion from January 3 to January 10, 2021 for Baptism of the Lord Sunday and drive-in service.

November 2020 financial results reflected operating income of $148,219, which was $19,859 under budget, and operating expense of $117,440, which was $27,792 under budget. Net income for the month, including Special Offerings, was $33,277, which was $10,432 over budget. Available cash at the end of November was $459,605 with $8,200 outstanding on the line of credit.

Year-to-date results, including Special Offerings, reflected operating income of $1,905,526 which was $210,142 over budget, and operating expense of $1,501,149, which was $169,846 under budget. Net income year-to-date of $378,492 was $360,079 over budget, primarily due to $204,376 in proceeds from the Payroll Protection Plan loan.

Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Loan Update

In April, the Church received $329,400 in proceeds from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from the Small Business Administration through the CARES Act. We received full forgiveness on December 1st.

Review of 2020 Forecast

In their meeting, the Finance Committee reviewed the 2020 forecast based on annualized year-to-date income and expenses through November (adjusted for one-time items). Conservative forecast assumes 95% of pledge income, and upside forecast assumes 97% of pledge income. If the current income trend continues, the committee estimates that we will end the year with an income of $217,149 in the conservative forecast and $261,750 in the upside forecast.

Approved Session Action Forms (SAFs)

  • Operating budget for the calendar year 2021
  • Expenses for AV equipment needed for outdoor livestream implementation
  • Match alternative gifts with PPP surplus
  • Continue Shallowford groups of 10 or fewer people on or off campus with social distancing still in place
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