Mission Partnerships

Shallowford has a long history of service in the name of Christ to our surrounding community and the world beyond. We strongly encourage all members of the church to find some way to put their faith to work in the service of others. Through the generosity of the Shallowford congregation’s stewardship, the church supports a number of significant ministries throughout the world to ease human suffering and help ensure a brighter future for our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Decatur Cooperative Ministry

Decatur Cooperative MinistryDecatur Cooperative Ministry (DCM) is a cooperative church ministry that helps families prevent, endure, and overcome homelessness.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Shallowford contributes labor and financial support to building houses through Habitat for Humanity each spring.

Haiti Ministry

LaGonave Haiti Partners

Through LaGonave Haiti Partnership, Shallowford works with the people of LaGonave and others to improve education, healthcare, and economic development on this island of Haiti.

La Amistad

Through La Amistad, which simply means “the friendship,” Shallowford members tutor Latino children from our local elementary school twice a week. La Amistad also offers ESL classes at Shallowford two evenings a week.

Memorial Drive Ministries

Memorial Drive MinistriesThrough Shallowford, we are able to cultivate diverse worship communities, innovative social services, and transformation relationships in the greater Clarkston community.

NETWorks Cooperative Ministry

NETWorks is a cooperative church ministry that seeks to respond to the food and financial needs of area residents and to partner with them to find long-term solutions to poverty.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster AssistancePresbyterian Disaster Assistance enables congregations and mission partners of PC(USA) to witness the healing love of Christ through caring for communities affected by crisis and catastrophic events.

Shallowford Food Pantry


The Food Pantry provides temporary or emergency food assistance to residents of DeKalb County in need.

Shalom International Ministries

Shalom International Ministries seeks the shalom of the Clarkston community by being the church through responding to the social, economic, educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of refugees and immigrants. Through New Church Development Commission (https://www.facebook.com/NCDCAtlanta/), Shallowford works with Shalom International Ministry, which serves the numerous immigrant and refugee communities in Clarkston, GA.

Thornwell Home for Children

Thornwell provides safe and loving homes for children through family style residential care and foster care families, as well as educational and counseling programs to prevent their need.