Piggy Bank Mission

Piggy Bank Chart

What is Piggy Bank Missions?

Piggy Bank Missions was a six-year project that aimed to instill lifelong generosity and to provide a fun way for Shallowford’s children to give to others.  Elementary children received white ceramic piggy banks to decorate, and to pray for others when he or she “fed” it. Teaching the children about specific mission programs makes them aware of opportunities to “love one another” as their resources feed and clothe strangers. At specified times, roughly once a quarter, the children brought their monies to church and fed our larger pig collection cans for the benefit of a specific mission program.

Since the inception of Piggy Bank Missions in Fall 2011, the total collection for all missions has exceeded $5,600. The amount collected is impressive, but the participation by our children is even more inspiring. Our young ones are learning to be cheerful givers, informed stewards, and compassionate individuals.  And both children and adults are learning about the many, varied mission opportunities at Shallowford.

Where Did All Donations Go?

This ministry, begun in 2004, provided financial assistance with rent, utilities, and other needs for residents of the Northlake, Embry Hills, and Tucker areas. Their food pantry provides food assistance for neighbors experiencing a crisis or unexpected difficult time.  Their Grocery Co-op provides a longer term, sustainable solution to food insecurity. NETWorks also offers a “Faith and Finances” course to educate, equip, and empower our neighbors to lead financially independent, healthy lives.

Money raised went toward helping the varies mission partners we have here at Shallowford. We raised money for Carmel Community Ministries, Bountiful Bags, Interfaith Outreach House, Haiti, Shallowford Food Pantry, Presbyterian Disaster Relief (PDA), Journey Men’s Shelter, NETWorks, Shalom International Ministry, and Habitat for Humanity.

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