Highlights from December 17, 2017

  • Approved the November membership report, totaling 1,035 active members.
  • The Finance Committee reported the November 2017 financial results, which reflected operating income of $148,504, which was $20,681 over budget, and operating expense of $149,492, which was $1,214 over budget. Net income for the month, including Special Offerings, was $49, which was $20,504 over budget. Available cash at the end of November was $72,774.
  • The Personnel, Music, and Welcoming Committees experienced budget overages in 2017 and presented to Session an explanation as to the reason for the overages and received approval for exceeding their respective budgets.
  • Approved the baptisms of the daughters of Kristin and Brock Owen, Maggie and Andrew Galbraith, and Nicole and Tony LaJoe.
  • Approved to receive into membership by transfer of letter: Gary Black, Lynda Black, Daniel Byrne, Karen Byrne, Julia Byrne, Jack Byrne, Judith Caldwell, Diane Hutchison, Donald Hutchison, Michael Hutchinson, Morgan Hutchinson, and Erin Thornton.
  • Approved to receive into membership by reaffirmation of faith: Karla Camp, Michael Tinsley, and Marissa Vigar.
  • Approved to receive into membership by affirmation of faith and baptism: Hannah Mathis and Tucker Vigar, Jr.
  • The Session approved the 2018 detailed budget in the amount of $1,893,500.
  • The Session approved allocating any funds remaining at the end of 2017 above $50,000 in equal parts to the Facilities Fund, Mission Forward Fund, and Organ Maintenance Fund.
  • To recognize the Rev. Robby Carroll for his almost 15 years of service to SPC, his numerous gifts, and his upcoming retirement, the Session approved to draft and adopt a resolution to be presented at the celebration lunch in Robby’s honor on January 7, 2018.

Officers 2017-2018

Officers of the Church 2017-2018