Throughout the Easter Season we will highlight Shallowford staff members in an effort to build community and educate our church family. This week we are excited to share Dooley’s responses with the SPC community!
  • Staff: Dooley Shabazz
  • Position: Facilities Manager
  • Start Date: August 2016

Q&A with Dooley Shabazz

I look forward to waking up every morning and being motivated by The Miracles of God. I get to see the sunrise and feel the weather on my face. I have a rather long drive into work so I listen to music or talk radio and even the occasional comedy channel on the radio. There are a group of people in this church that when I see them my day gets better. That’s my motivation factor for working at Shallowford. 

The only thing that is a constant for me is to be prepared for “The Uncommon” work week. My job wraps around meeting the needs of the members of this church, as well as, the program staff.  It’s never quite the same routine. You can fine me doing the following..and more!

  • Preparing event space on campus which usually requires room set up and breakdown,
  • Checking to make sure the campus grounds are in order,
  • Managing my team of facilities assistants to make sure all of our daily tasks are met,
  • Monitoring the campus to ensure the safety of our school and church staff/members,
  • Unlocking and locking entrances when necessary,
  • Monitoring the HVAC system including routine maintenance,
  • Sanitize and clean church office, and all rooms/floors (we have a big campus!),
  • Meeting with vendors and contractors,
  • Working with Sarah Wikle, Facilities Chair and Sandra Ward, Church Administrator on specific facility-related requests,
  • Creating work schedules for my staff,
  • Assisting with auto set-up on Sundays,
  • … just to name a few!
The thing that gives me joy as facilities manager is my interaction with certain Shallowford members.

During the pandemic I have worked on many meaningful projects. The main thing I felt was my responsibility was to be physically present at Shallowford to inspect the building and campus. Although the church campus is temporarily closed, scheduled maintenance remains the same! The School meeting in person brings a sense of normalcy to my work day.

Dooley has a deep love for his hometown, Washington, D.C. He would even go as far to say that it was the best place to grow up! Dooley makes an effort to get back as often as possible.

  • Dooley wants to know…

“What can I do to improve my golf swing? I swear it’s the worst golf swing God could have cursed on anyone. Recommendation are not only helpful, but desperately needed!”