Throughout the next few months we will highlight Shallowford staff members in an effort to build community and educate our church family. This week we are excited to share Gigi Price’s responses with the SPC community!

Q&A with Gigi

My motivation comes from helping the facilities manager, Pastors, support staff, and school leaders. It’s important to me that they have the support, whatever it is within my power or abilities, to be all that Shallowford needs! At Shallowford I learn something new every day.

I’m not convinced I have an average work week. Sure, we have the “usual”facility set up requests now that weekly events are starting back, but since I assist with so many different needs and requests that changes from day to day. It makes each day and week new and interesting, which is awesome!

My most meaningful project during the pandemic… Wow. It’s tough to choose just one because there were so many!  I found meaning from assisting the facilities manager and school leaders and staff with ensuring we could open Shallowford Presbyterian School safely last  fall, to setting up for drive-in services in the parking lot, to setting up outdoor worship on the ball field (sometimes both in the same day!), to preparing for the return of in-person worship. All the while hoping and praying things went off without too many hiccups. Whew… The pressure of change!

The joy I get from being a facilities assistant is the look on my facilities manager’s face when the job or project they’ve been assigned comes to fruition, without a hitch, and the pastors and staff are happy. It’s really that simple!

Something most people don’t know about Gigi is that she loves the outdoors! In her spare time she enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and traveling. She chooses to live life outdoors!

  • Gigi wants to know…

If I could ask one question, right here, right now it would be…  “Who is ready for this ‘new normal’ way of life’?  What was wrong with the old way?”
I was happy. Presenting cards to travel, excetera – no fun!