Throughout the next few months we will highlight Shallowford staff members in an effort to build community and educate our church family. This week we are excited to share Magalie Nemorin’s responses with the SPC community!
  • Staff: Magalie Nemorin
  • Position: Finance Coordinator
  • Start Date: October 2015

Q&A with Magalie

Taking care of my family is the main reason that makes me wake up every day and go to work. In 2014, I got my first job working for a Presbyterian church; when I found the opportunity to work for Shallowford in October 2015, I seized it. Not only do I enjoy working with numbers, but it also feels good to know that I’m helping others through my work at Shallowford.

My job is to take care of all the financial aspects of the church. My tasks consist of:

  • Recording and depositing donations including cash, stock and checks. When a member donates stock, I sell it and the money is transferred to our operating bank account. With Realm in effect, I verify that the donations made online are recorded in the right accounts.
  • Some invoices are sent through email; therefore, answering emails takes a big part of my weekly load; I usually receive approval from the committee chairs through email as well.
  • Processing Accounts Payable is also part of my weekly tasks; it allows the church to pay its bills or for the services rendered by the vendors.
  • Payroll and benefits for the staff.
  • Preparing the monthly financial statement – These statements give the finance committee enough information to make decisions about our finances. 

I like being challenged in a work environment; it is what makes it enjoyable for me. After doing the same job for five years, the work can become a routine, but solving different kinds of problems can alter the monotony of the day-to-day operations. I’ve loved working with numbers since I studied accounting back home in Haiti for the first time. My job also allows the members at Shallowford to have a record of their giving; it is very important to them and it is my way to bring my help to the community of Shallowford.

After high school Magalie spent a year in Fashion Design School while she studied to be an accountant. She later made her twin sister’s wedding dress when she got married!

  • Magalie wants to know…

How can I better serve you as Shallowford’s Finance Coordinator?

Staff Visibility - Magalie Nemorin