Throughout the Easter Season we will highlight Shallowford staff members in an effort to build community and educate our church family. This week we are excited to share Philana Roger’s responses with the SPC community!
  • Staff: Philana Rogers
  • Position: Administrative Assistant
  • Start Date: August 2020

Q&A with Philana

My motivation is in helping others. Knowing that my job is one of service for the greater good is fulfilling.

I am the first person you see when you walk into the Shallowford office. My “office”, more commonly known as the front desk, is located in the office lobby right as you enter through the front door. From here my weekly administrative assistant responsibilities include:

  • Recording Sunday worship attendance,
  • Tracking visitors,
  • Updating the pastor on call schedule,
  • Sending out reminder emails to staff and session,
  • Creating and sending out the weekly Prayer Concern emails,
  • Answering phone calls, emails, or request that come in through the main line,
  • Managing the front desk which includes sorting mail and maintaining session files,
  • Assisting families with making their loved ones’ funeral arrangements,
  • Sharing emergency assistance resources with friends in need,
  • Printing worship bulletins,
  • and supporting Congregational Care, Mission & Discipleship, and other needs from the staff.

I believe my most meaningful project has been putting together and sending out the prayer concerns. I find it incredibly meaningful to be apart of the process to help the congregation stay in touch with each other’s needs, especially during this time.

I enjoy meeting the members of the church face to face as life slowly begins to “reopen.” I also find meaning in completing my tasks thoroughly yet, efficiently. It pleases me to know that I have helped someone else accomplish their objective.

I love fitness! I work out most of the week with running, weight lifting, and kickboxing.

  • Philana wants to know…

What are you most looking forward to upon our return to Shallowford’s campus?

Philana Rogers