Shallowford prides itself on being “welcoming,” and in order to do that we must actively invite and engage visitors and members. Help us create a spirit of hospitality by supporting these welcoming volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities include the following:

  • Set Up Coffee (7:30-8:30 a.m.) – Be one of the first people at church on Sunday mornings to prep coffee for our Shallowford family! Training will be provided.
  • Welcome & Greet (10:30-11:05 a.m.) – Greeters are asked to stand outside (inside if its raining) near the name tag station at the top of the hill, actively greet worshippers, answer any questions, attempt to identify visitors, and connect with those visitors through contact information or conversation.
  • Set Up Lemonade Brigade (11:30-12:30 p.m.) – As leader of the lemonade brigade on this day, you will leave church early to set up lemonade and cookies for worshippers to enjoy after church. Training will be provided.