God of Love and Friendship,
Over the last decade, you have called Shallowford to nurture a relationship with the people living on the Island of LaGonave in Haiti. 
We have fallen in love with their children, championed their education, and celebrated their successes. 
We have formed lasting friendships with our brothers and sisters in Christ who lead the St. Francis Church and School and care for the health of their neighbors through the Bill Rice Clinic. 
We have learned with one another, prayed for each other, and greatly enjoyed our fellowship. 
Thank you for connecting us with our faithful neighbors in Haiti.  
God of Health and Safety,
The global pandemic prevented us from visiting our Haitian friends for the last two years,
But, now, as travel restrictions are lifting, another evil prevents our reunion.
We lament the civil unrest, rise in crime, and kidnappings taking place in Haiti. 
We grieve how inflation and turmoil have intensified inflation,
pushing the costs of food, housing, and healthcare out of reach for most citizens. 
God of Peace and Security,
We pray for the leadership of Haiti that they might work for calm and stability. 
Raise up leaders to break up the violent rivalries and to end the corruption. 
We lift up our friends who are suffering and ask that you would use us to offer comfort, support, and friendship.
Keep us mindful of our brothers and sisters on LaGonave, and inspire us to work alongside them for their welfare. 
We ask in the name of the God who transcends north and south, east and west, 
The God who dreams of a day when we will all sit together in peace
And enjoy the abundant feast our God has prepared for all God’s children.  
Prayerfully written,
Rev. Catherine E. Foster
Associate Pastor for Mission & Discipleship