Serve the Church

Each member of our congregation is charged with offering love, care, and support for one another. We accomplish this mission through a variety of programs designed to meet the many different needs of our members.

Serve the Community

Shallowford has a long history of service in the name of Christ to our surrounding community. We strongly encourage all members of the church to find some way to put their faith to work in the service of others.


Shallowford joyfully invests thousands of volunteer hours and over $100,000 in mission annually. We are blessed to have two sources for financial support of missions, and we welcome your applications and fresh ideas for service.

The annual Mission Committee Budget supports the work of 10 diverse Mission partners. The Mission Committee places a high value partnering with relational, responsive, responsible organizations.

The Mission Forward Fund was established through the generosity of the Mission Tithe from the 2014 “Rooted in Faith Forward in Hope” Capital Campaign and the Support & Endowment Committee’s “Special Ministries” and “Mission and Benevolence” Funds. The Mission Forward Fund supports special opportunities for Shallowford to participate in God’s mission. Opportunities may include supporting Shallowford’s participation in mission, the program cost of a mission project, or the capital cost of a mission project. Projects are considered time-limited, with a specific, tangible outcome that moves the mission of an organization forward.

Mission Opportunities

Shallowford Grants More Than $50,000 to Local Mission Partners

On May 31, 2020, Pentecost Sunday brought an overwhelming feeling of love and neighborly support, as the Shallowford community gave generously to a special Pentecost Offering to assist our neighbors through the current pandemic and economic [...]

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