Throughout the Easter Season we will highlight Shallowford staff members in an effort to build community and educate our church family. This week we are excited to share Sandra’s responses with the SPC community!
  • Staff: Sandra Ward
  • Position:┬áChurch Administrator
  • Start Date: January 2021

Q&A with Sandra Ward

I was in the hotel business when the pandemic took hold, and that industry was literally brought to a screeching halt. During the last nine months of 2020, my focus was on finding employment in an industry that would bring me as much happiness and fulfillment as the hotel industry has. When the Church Administrator position became available, it truly was a match made in heaven!

I have always been in the hospitality business, and as such, every work day has presented me with new and different opportunities. While the function of my job remains consistent, the various interactions change the job dynamics each day. On an average work day, you can fine me doing the following:

  • Provide presence in the office daily (Monday-Friday) to address the needs of the members of the congregation, staff of Shallowford Presbyterian Church, and Shallowford School,
  • Manage projects assigned by the senior pastor,
  • Manage all aspects of membership database (Realm) and assist members as individual issues arise ,
  • Oversee all communication concerning Session related activities (preparation for monthly Session Meeting, Elder Nomination and Installation, etc.)
  • Oversee the Facilities Manager, on all matters related to campus management
I have been given the opportunity to use my love of people and my dedication to the Presbyterian Church each and every day. It is a blessing to begin 2021 in a place as warm and welcoming as Shallowford. I look forward to being part of the “reopening and reimagining” of Shallowford as we emerge from this difficult chapter in our shared history.

Sandra was a Rock ‘n Roll fan (groupie) in her 20s and 30s, and attended some of the greatest concerts and live performances ever held. She shared a beer with Bruce Springsteen, sung on stage with Willie Nelson, had a great conversation with Kenny Loggins, and had numerous other fun experiences she’d love to share.

  • Sandra wants to know…

“What can I do to assist you in the preparation for, once again, welcoming everyone back to campus? Hopefully, we will all be able to shed our masks and see each others’ smiles before too long.”

Staff Visibility - Sandra