Through Sunday morning discipleship, we offer diverse opportunities to join together to explore, understand and apply faith to our daily lives. Our adult classes offer many different study focuses and formats designed to fit the needs of all participants. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Common Ground

Common Ground

Room 307, 3rd Floor, Education Building, Leader: Carolyn Shaffer
The Common Ground class invites all middle and high school parents to gather for conversations on modern parenting, living our faith, and understanding theology. The group ranges from five to 20 participants on any Sunday.
This class meets in person.

Faithful Parenting

Room 306, 3rd Floor, Education Building, Leader: Maggie Galbraith
The Faithful Parenting class is a warm circle of parents with young children who like to engage in parenting, Bible study, and Christian living topics.  The group averages on a size of 6-12. participants.
The class meets in person.

Faith Seeking Understanding

Library, 1st Floor, Education Building, Leader: Ruth O'Toole
The Faith Seeking Understanding class prides itself on challenging topics and lively debates. The twenty or so participants span a wide variety of ages.
Attend in person or via Zoom.

The Forum

Room 309, 3rd Floor, Education Building, Leader: Brad Bryant
Like its ancient Roman namesake, the Forum class likes to change up topics every 4-6 weeks. The group of mostly 50, 60, and 70 year olds averages about 20 participants and enjoys studies on Bible, theology, and popular books.
Attend in person or via Zoom.

Pairs & Spares

Heritage Hall, 1st Floor, Education Building, Leader: Dale Smith
The Pairs & Spares class is a warm community of about 45 people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. The fun group enjoys a different speaker every Sunday and prides itself on excellent Sunday refreshments and frequent social gatherings.
Attend in person or via Zoom.
Women's Class

Women's Class

Burney Overton Room, 1st Floor, Education Building, Leader: Catherine Butler
The Women’s class calls itself a “lazy book club.” The dozen or so women of all ages gather each Sunday to read aloud and discuss a chapter in a modern Christian author’s book.
Attend in person or via Google Meet.


Shallowford strives to help each child grow in their faith through thoughtfully prepared Bible lessons fit for children ages three through 5th grade. Classes are typically divided by age and are led by a team of faithful adult volunteers.

Children Ministries

Toddlers & Twos

Nursery, Lower Atrium
Our preschool students learn about their faith through play, music, crafts, and God Loves Me Bible stories while under the care of our nursery staff and volunteers. Once children are three years old, they are welcome to start in worship with their families and join the Cherub Choir.
Children Ministries

Three-Year-Old & Prekindergarten

Room 203 · 2nd Floor, Education Building
Three-year-old and prekindergarten children explore their faith using music, crafts, Bible stories, and activities with the Frolic curriculum. Children join their parents for sanctuary worship and leave for Cherub Choir after the Children’s Message. If parents are attending chapel worship at 8:45 a.m., children can either attend worship or play in the nursery.
Children Ministries

Elementary Children

Rooms 202, 203, 204, 205, 2nd Floor, Education Building
Our kindergarten through 5th grade children explore their faith through activities and crafts, reenactments of Bible stories, and honing of their Bible skills through games and active play from Spark Active Faith curriculum. Kindergarteners are invited to join their parents for worship and leave for Cherub Choir after the Children’s Message. Older children are invited to remain in worship with their families.


Middle and high school students (grades 6-12) are invited to dig deeper into scripture using a variety of studies, curriculum, and styles. Together, the group will discover meaning and identity in the biblical narrative and in their lives. Each week students meet in the Youth Center.

Middle School

Youth Center Classroom
Our 6th-8th grade students gather for Pictionary, scripture reading, skits, and more! Two lead teachers lead the group through the entire year, allowing students the opportunity to build stronger relationships in this new space.

High School

Youth Center
Our 9th-12th grade students spend time reading scripture and asking difficult questions about how we apply our faith in the world and how our scriptures challenge or influence our ethics, all while feeling at home on our cozy new couches. Through a rotating teacher format, our high schoolers experience several different mentors of faith.