Visit the (NEW!) Amani Women Center Showroom

Each beautifully hand-crafted product available for purchase has a story to tell. It is made with care by refugee women in Clarkson, at Amani Sewing Academy and low income women from various parts of Africa.

Using authentic African fabric, recycled paper, coconut shells and beading that reflect local culture; these Eco-Friendly artisan crafted products create jobs and fair wages for these hard working African women. For every piece of jewelry and apparel sold, the money is reinvested in the community and helps sustain their homes but mostly support their children’s education. As stated by one of these talented women, “Selling this jewelry empowers the community by educating the future generation.”

These beautifully made wrap skirts and the hand-crafted jewelry not only substantiates the strength and determination of these women, but is a great example of successful entrepreneurship. ​

About the AWC Sewing Academy

Amani Sewing Academy is an expansion of a social enterprise initiative of Amani Women Center (AWC). Under the Johari Africa. Refugee women participating in this program are in need of a safe space where they can continue making the products that they are already making as well as have an opportunity to acquire sewing skills.​

The organization aims to empower refugee families with lifeskills and workskills that empower them to be productive members of their families and their communities. The supplementary income from contractual work enables these women sustain their respective homes and ultimately leads to self sufficiency and their wellbeing.

The sewing program has opened up a world of opportunities for the refugee women in Clarkston and the possibilities are endless. The women are expressing their creative side while earning an income.

The mission of Amani Women Center is to educate and empower refugee women with culturally sensitive tools that contribute to their overall well-being.